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The Brethren 001

India has a very active Brethren Movement, similar to the Plymouth or Open Brethren. It is an indigenous movement that the Lord raised through the ministry of many Indians. Here…

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Malayalam: Christian Apologetics, Volume 01

Apologetics Volume 1, Malayalam: We will release apologetics materials in English, Hindi, and Malayalam. Members please download whatever is relevant to you. After posting some English materials so far, today…

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The Prodigal Son

The story of the Prodigal Son has fascinated Christians as well non Christians alike for two millennia. Here the parable is presented in full-color picture form.   Download: The Prodigal…

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The Boy Who Limped

We need to teach moral values and virtues to our children. Here is a comic meant for children — to teach them never to tease others, especially if they are…

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People Who Destroyed Christian Faith

Several people have propagated cunning theories using propaganda techniques in modern times. Many Christians simply swallowed their teachings without discernment. As a result, much destruction has taken place in the…

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Human Evolution/Fossil Man

Human evolution is a subject of great interest to those who adhere to 6-day creation doctrine. People often ask them whether the discovery of moneky-human fossils creates any problems for…

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Can We Believe In Trinity

Trinity continues to be a doctrine which people love to study. Here is a very simple but powerful book that explains Trinity, in picture format, or in comic form. You…

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I Can Do Anything: A Comic With A Great Lesson

(You Can Download & Read On Your Mobile Or Computer In Less Than 10 Minutes) Here is a great Christian Comic that every young Christian should read. Also, here is…

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Bible and Archeology 001

Bible and Archeology is a field of great interest. This series brings selected discoveries, with illustrations, to enrich your study of the Bible backgrounds. These books will also serve as…

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Doctrine of Trinity 004

Trinity is a core doctrine of the Christian faith. Here is the last volume of this 4-volume set. This volume answers perplexing questions about Trinity. Download: Trinity 004

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