Thermodynamics and Evolution

The laws of Thermodynamics are some of the most well-established Universal Laws which have no known exception. Not surprisingly, they have much bearing upon the theory of evolution. You will be amazed to read this made-simple book. Several diagrams make it accessible to people with NO background in science.

The eBook has been optimized for easy-reading on smartphone in less than 10 minutes. Equip yourself, equip others!


Download: Thermodynamics and Evolution


2 thoughts on “Thermodynamics and Evolution

  1. Sir
    I used to read your articles but I’m very much impressed by this.
    I think instead of ‘ Where. …. is a blueprint. there’d a planner’, there will be a planner can be more grammatically correct d even more emphatic. Or why can’t even, …..IS a planner, if u put it in the cause d effect construction.( effect d cause here)

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